Why Use A Bowling Glove?

If you are new to the world of bowling, you will learn about a lot of tools and equipment that help you take your bowling game to the next level. One such tool is a bowling glove.

You might be wondering, what does a bowling glove do? Well, that is what I am here to tell you, along with a few other essential things.

In this article, I will talk about bowling gloves, their purpose, benefits, types, and everything in between. I will also answer a few questions regarding the use of bowling gloves and other tools like finger inserts in the professional bowling field. So, make sure you read this article till the end.

Why Use A Bowling Glove?

What is a Bowling Glove?

A bowling glove is a protective glove specially crafted to provide support, grip, safety, and protection to the bowler’s hand. It makes your throwing skills better and ultimately helps enhance the bowling experience for the player.

Bowling gloves are pretty typical nowadays, and you can find different varieties and materials of bowling gloves created to give additional advantages to bowlers. They are a handy bowling tool, and I believe you should try them out as well.

Benefits of Wearing a Bowling Glove

You might have the question right now in your mind: what kind of benefits does wear a bowling glove bring? Well, there are many uses and advantages of a bowling glove. So let us look at them individually.

Provides support to the wrist and arm

Bowling is fun for everyone; however, hurling a heavy bowling ball from one direction to another might not be easy for everyone if you think about it. Repeated throws can cause torn limbs and joints, among other injuries, if care is not taken.

Especially if you are suffering from bone diseases like arthritis, you need to be extremely careful. But, lucky for you, there is a perfect solution available in the form of a bowling glove.

By wearing a bowling glove, you can provide wrist support and support to your arm so that it stays comfortable and straight as you throw the bowling ball and bowl for long periods.

Protects the fingers

One big problem that bowlers seem to face is their fingertips scraping on the finger holes and the edges of the bowling ball, which can leave quite a mark in prolonged bowling sessions.

If you wear bowling gloves, your fingers get a layer of extra padding that allows you to easily make your throws and at the same time protect your fingers while doing it.

Helps in getting a better grip

Bowling balls can be slippery due to their smooth surface at times. To deal with that, you will need big hands or a material that provides a better grip on the ball.

We cannot do the former, but with the help of a bowling glove, the latter is possible. You can get a fantastic grip on a bowling ball and get a better release on it if you wear a bowling glove.

Enhances bowling form

As a beginner, you might not be great at making the proper structural form and throwing the ball at the right angle or releasing it at the perfect time, but that is completely fine.

However, if you use a bowling glove, your overall bowling form can drastically enhance, and you might be able to learn even more in a shorter period than usual.

Types of Bowling Gloves

As I said before, there are different materials and types of bowling gloves meant for various purposes, including support, grip, etc. So, let us look at some of the significant kinds of bowling gloves to choose the one you feel is the best for you.

Basic Bowling Glove

This is the average bowling glove meant for general purposes like providing protection, support, padding, grip, and all the works. Using these bowling gloves will be good for you if you play casual games in your local bowling alley. However, if you are looking for something professional, you need to take a step up from the basic bowling gloves.

Finger Bowling Glove

A newer and modern version of the bowling glove is the finger bowling glove. This bowling glove does not only provide support to your wrist, arm, and fingers. They also absorb the sweat on your palm and covers your non-throwing fingers so that they can remain protected from chaffing and scraping on the edges of the finger holes allowing you to play comfortably without losing shape at all.

Metal Bar Bowling Glove

If just a bowling glove is not good enough for you, you can go and get a metal bar bowling glove for your bowling adventures. This glove basically has metal bars used in them that allow you to throw the ball better and keep your wrists positioned straight without them bending unnaturally, simply reducing the risk of dislocating a joint or breaking your wrist.

Metal Brace Wrist Positioner

This is the ultimate glove right here. The most modern and technically advanced bowling glove is the metal brace wrist positioner. Many high-quality bowling equipment brands have made wrist positioners that have the capability of providing all kinds of protection to your wrist, arm, fingers, absorb sweat, and allow you to take the right angles and shots at release. But they are more expensive than the other options.

How to Choose a Bowling Glove

Choosing the perfect bowling glove for yourself can be difficult. That is why knowing your requirements and the essential factors the gloves are based on is crucial. Let us look at some of the most significant aspects you should consider before buying a bowling glove.

Bowling Requirement

First and foremost, you are going to look at what your bowling requirements are. Basically, this means that if you are casually bowling with your friends and family and occasionally taking part in tournaments in your local bowling center, then a basic bowling glove would be good enough.

However, if you are looking for something professional that provides the least risk of injury, added protection, and better grip and support, I would say you go for a proper metal brace positioner or something like that.

Price Point

The price point is also essential when it comes to bowling tools and equipment. If you are on a smaller budget, you should go for the cloth-based bowling glove, but you can go for a better piece of equipment that offers more bang for the buck if you have a larger budget.

Comfort Factor

Comfort is a prominent factor when it comes to wearing a proper bowling glove. If you are not comfortable, you will not be able to play well. So, going for a bowling glove that feels comfortable on your hand and at the same time provides a lot of support would be the right choice. Therefore, you should check which bowling glove gives you the best of both worlds simultaneously.

Support and Positioning

The most crucial factor is the support and positioning of the bowling glove. The bowling glove needs to fit your wrist in a straight position to not sprain your joint or bend your arm muscles when you throw the bowling ball towards the pins.

Why Do Pro Bowlers Tape their Fingers?

Professional bowlers use bowling gloves to protect their wrists and additional tools that help their hands stay safe and away from injury when they are playing essential games in tournaments and leagues.

That is where bowling tape comes into play. The main reason for pro bowlers wearing tape on their fingers is that the tape helps their fingers and thumb remain free of the risk of scraping on the finger holes due to repeated releasing motion.

Pro bowlers also apply bowling tape on their thumbs and fingers so that they get a snug fit in the holes for their fingers when they are playing with house balls. So, these are the main reasons pro bowlers tape their fingers.

Do Pro Bowlers use Finger Inserts?

Another tool that pro bowlers use instead of bowling tape at times is finger inserts. These are specially crafted according to the size of the pro bowler’s fingers to make sure they get a good grip in the holes and protect their fingers simultaneously.

Using finger inserts is to make sure the finger positioning in the holes is snug but is not too tight or too loose. Ultimately, they help in making the throw better and comfy for the bowler.


Bowling Gloves and Finger inserts are both essential on an above-average level in bowling once you get there. But learning about these things on a beginner level is helpful in the long run.

I hope you learned a lot from this article and that you will utilize your knowledge of bowling gloves to find the perfect fit for your hands to make sure your bowling sessions are safe and great.

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