Is Bowling a Lifetime Sport?

Bowling is a trendy and ever-growing sport that has become one of the fastest-growing sports globally. It is a highly technical sport that you can only perfect by learning over a long period of practice and struggle. People of all ages can easily play it because it does not require much physical activity. However, it does require some mental work and a skill that can be perfected over time.

But what you might be wondering is, is bowling a lifetime sport? If that is the case, then you are in the right place because that is precisely what I am here to tell you today.

In this article, I will talk about what lifetime sports are, whether bowling is a lifetime sport or not, and the benefits bowling holds for players of all ages. Make sure you read this article till the end if you want to take bowling up as a professional sport in your life.

Is Bowling a Lifetime Sport?

What are Lifetime Sports?

Lifetime sports are the activities and games that you can play no matter what your age might be. Whether you are a child, an adult, or a senior citizen, if you can play a game or perform an activity irrespective of your age, it is known as a lifetime sport.

These sports do not put forth callous physical fitness conditions and requirements for you to be able to play them effectively, like in Baseball or soccer, where you would need to be physically agile and super-fit to play the game.

Lifetime sports are also ones that keep teaching you more and more and learning them is a recurring process. This means you cannot learn them completely and then become a master of the game. The learning is continual. This is also a condition for a sport to be considered a lifetime one.

Many different sports are played around the world where your age does not matter, and you can be a great player regardless of how old you might be. A few examples can be swimming, backpacking, bicycling, exercising. Adopting a lifetime sport can be quite an amazing adventure for life.

Is Bowling a Lifetime Sport?

But what we are concerned with is the question, is bowling a lifetime activity? Well, yes, it is. Whether you are 5 or 65 years old, you can bowl well, and you can be a professional at the sport. Bowling is a game for all ages. It does not discriminate based on physical agility and age because it is a game of focus more than it is a game of physical fitness.

That is why bowling is such a huge sport. You are going to find all kinds of players ranging from children to senior citizens playing and enjoying themselves wholeheartedly. This is also why bowling is continually growing to be one of the most popular sports in the world.

Benefits of Bowling as a Lifetime Activity

As a lifetime sport, how does bowling help a player? What kind of benefits do you get from it? Here are some of the best benefits and advantages of bowling as a lifetime sport.

Health Benefits

Bowling may not require intense physical agility and fitness, but that does not mean bowling will not help you become fit. Bowling requires you to move all your body muscles around, which can help achieve the following health benefits:

  • With healthy exercising movement, you perspire, which can lead to calorie burning and you will be able to lose weight more easily.
  • As you move your leg and arm muscles, you strengthen the joints and the power of your muscles which help you stay fit and strong, which is necessary no matter what age you might be.
  • Exercising movement that you must perform repeatedly while bowling is extremely beneficial for reducing risks of fatal diseases and conditions like heart attacks and strokes, among many others.

Mental Benefits

Bowling is such a great sport that it fills the player’s mind with happiness and a sense of satisfaction and pleasure. If you are wondering how exactly bowling helps heal the mind, here are some of the mental benefits of bowling that will make you want to adopt the lifetime sport:

  • Bowling brings you mental joy by releasing serotonin and dopamine in the brain, which are happiness-inducing hormones. This feeling helps you stay happy more often and reduce the risk of any mental instability and serious medical conditions that might lead to your brain functioning getting harmed or being disrupted.
  • If you are suffering from anxiety and depression, and you are a fan of bowling as a sport, then playing it will be incredibly good for your mental health, as said by doctors and medical experts around the world. Engaging in activities that bring you joy can reduce depression and sadness very effectively.

Social Benefits

Along with many mental and physical health benefits, bowling is a sport that allows you to gain social benefits from it as well. Here are some of the main social benefits and advantages that you will be able to gain through the activity of bowling:

  • There are over 100 million bowlers, both professional and amateur, around the world. By bowling, you can connect with every single one of them through the wide network of the internet.
  • If you are feeling lonely and you want a friend, there is no better way to get social than to go to your nearest bowling alley and find fellow bowlers with who would you have a lot of in common with.
  • Family is essential. If you are a busy man or woman with little time on your hands, take your family members bowling with you. You will be able to bond and connect with them by doing what you love.


Bowling is one of the best lifetime sports, globally and trusts me when I say this; I am not biased. It provides you with mental pleasure and physical exercise while requiring little to no fitness and agility, which is why people of all ages can play it without a problem. I hope you learned a lot from this article, and you are going to have an incredible time bowling in your life!

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