Bowling Date – Is it a good idea?

Bowling is a sport for all. Whether you are a child, adult, elderly, man, woman, or anyone at all, you can bowl and have a great time while doing so, without a care in the world. There aren’t over-excessive requirements or a professional skill required for you to have fun while bowling. This is why it makes a great date idea.

You might be wondering, is bowling a good date, and how does a bowling date work? Well, those are the questions that I will be answering for you today.

In this article, I will talk about bowling dates, how they work, what to wear, and the benefits of going on a bowling date with your loved one. So, make sure you read this article till the end.

Bowling Date – Is it a good idea?

How Do Bowling Dates Work?

Dating is part and parcel of adulthood. And many times, first dates tend to be awkward since you are not very well familiar with the person you are going on a date with. Well, bowling dates are the solution to this problem. A bowling date is a dating activity where you go bowling with your loved one instead of going for a traditional fancy dating option like going to a fancy restaurant or going to the movies.

Over the years, the concept of bowling dates has flourished, and many people have started going on bowling dates with their loved ones, whether it is the first date or the 10th anniversary. It all depends upon your love for bowling and your loved one, to be honest. Every date can be a special one if you have that spark in your relationship.

Is a Bowling Date a Good Idea?

A lot of people have asked me, is a bowling date a good idea? Won’t my partner think I am too selfish and wanted to go bowling? Well, that is not the case at all. Imagine being in your partner’s shoes. If you had a partner who loved bowling, would you not be pleased to be a part of their world and accompany them in doing something they like? You would.

And it is not just that; bowling dates are great ideas because they are not just limited to one thing. In modern bowling centers and alleys, you have got bars, restaurants, sitting areas, arcades, and bowling lanes as well.

So, you can utilize plenty of activities and spend time with your loved ones, get to know them better, and overall have a great night out doing all the best things.

If you are proficient at the sport, you can also spend time to help them learn and teach them how to play, there are tons of conversation pieces in bowling, and there are many stories to be told. So, unlike other date activities, bowling will not only give you a great time but set you up for the next one as well.

Bowling Date: What to Wear

When it comes to dressing on a date, people often miss the mark and dress for the wrong occasion. Well, there are so many factors that you need to think about before making an outfit choice. Now, it is obvious that you are not going to be wearing a bowling t-shirt tucked into your pants because that would make you look like you are there to play a professional game.

But even then, people tend to make the wrong decisions regarding clothing on a bowling date. So it’s not as difficult as you might think it is. Here is what you need to keep in mind. Wear something that not only looks cool but would make you look attractive as well. But make sure you do not go for a formal look since you will be bowling in these clothes.

Comfort is the next most crucial thing. Swinging your arms, showing your bowling skills to your date, and helping them get strikes and spares is also part of the deal, so be comfortable in your attire.

It is pretty easy to achieve this comfort. You can opt for a t-shirt with a jacket on it if it is cold. Wear jeans or comfortable pants along with some nice pair of shoes, and you have got yourself the perfect bowling date attire. Make sure you get a flower for your date on the way because that goes a long way as well. Bowling dates are not meant to be fancy; they are intended to be fun, exciting, and enjoyable.

Benefits of Going on a Bowling Date

You might be thinking at this point, what reasons and benefits can you give me that will lead me to cancel my dinner plans with my date and go for a bowling date with them?

To that, I say, no worries. Here are a few major reasons I believe a bowling date would play out much better for your dating experience than a traditional dinner date or movie.

More Conversation

They say the best dates are the ones where you have the most conversation with your partner. And it is true. But usually, there is very little talking and conversing on other kinds of dates like movies. But in comparison, if you go on a bowling date, you will be able to talk more, have more opportunities to interact, and have a greater chance to get to know each other better and come back on a second date.

Laughter and Joy

Laughter creates inseparable bonds. And what better way to laugh and enjoy than to make foul shots and laugh at yourself. This is what bowling gives you the chance to do. It creates a friendly sense of competition that allows you to laugh and enjoy with each other, make good shots and enjoy and make foul shots and laugh at each other’s play and overall have a great time in the alley. That is what bowling dates tend to offer.

Bowling Alleys are Entertainment Centers

When you are going to a fine dining restaurant, you will not have many options; all you can do is sit quietly, eat your food, and go home. This sounds boring, and trust me, it does get boring very quickly. But nowadays, bowling alleys and centers are entertainment zones, from arcade games to delicious comfort food, great ambiance, and an overall perfect enjoyable and decent dating experience, bowling alleys are great. And that is why you should go on a bowling date.

Being Your True Self

What better way to present yourself than just being yourself and not wearing a facade to impress your date. That is what most people do nowadays with fancy dinner dates and whatnot. If you love bowling and you like a comfortable experience, own it. Take your date to a bowling alley, be yourself, have a great time, teach them how to bowl, laugh together, and have a real, true to yourself dating experience; you will surely love it.

Cheaper than Fancy Dates

So, it is your first date with a lovely partner, and you are thinking of making sure it is as magical as you want it to be? Well, you do not necessarily have to break the bank to give them the best date experience they have ever had. By taking them to a bowling date, you can save a lot of money but still not look cheap because it will be an excellent experience for them, fun, exciting, and overall super-enjoyable.

It is a Healthy Activity

Who would’ve thought that you’d be burning those calories and going healthy on a date? Well, you can if you are thinking of taking your partner on a bowling date. If you take your partner bowling, you will spend a lot of time playing with and against them in friendly banter. This will allow you to stay fit and active on the date, and you will not be sitting in a chair all the time when you are on a date with someone you like.

You will Have a Great Story to Tell Your Kids

So, you think that this could be it. You have finally found your true love, and you are thinking of making a big decision on this date, and you want things to go fantastic. Well, a bowling date would be great. Not only will things be perfect, and you will have a great time, but you are going to have a great laugh when your kids ask you where you met their mother or father, and you would have an incredible story to tell them.


Bowling dates are super-fun, exciting, and overall fantastic. My experience has been epic, and all the people I know that have been on bowling dates have had something nice to say about them. So, I would say that you should give them a try, and I assure you, you’re going to make this an often chosen dating activity from now on.

If you plan to go on a bowling date, read this article first to learn a couple of things before you go. I hope you learned a lot from this guide and that you will have an amazing bowling and dating experience!

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