Professional Bowler Salary – How Much Do They Make?

Bowling is an enjoyable and exciting sport, and many people worldwide have it as a hobby they tend to whenever they are free, and they want to have a fun time. But a lot of bowling enthusiasts also think about adopting it as a profession.

That must make you wonder, how much does a professional bowler make in terms of salary; Well, that is precisely what I am here to tell you.

In this article, I will discuss bowling as a professional, the annual salary of pro bowlers, the highest-paid bowlers, and women’s wages as professional bowlers. So, if you are thinking of getting into the bowling alley as a professional, make sure you read this article till the end.

Professional Bowler Salary – How Much Do They Make?

Is Bowling a High-paying Sport?

Bowling is like every other sport, a great professional choice if you are good at it. The first thing that people think about before going for a particular sport is how well-paying it is; well, bowling ranks right in the middle.

Bowling has a moderate following worldwide compared to other sports like football, cricket, and the likes. Therefore, fewer sponsorships and tournaments are being held.

But wherever bowling is popular, bowling is very well-paid for professional athletes. So, we can indeed say that bowling is a high-paying sport if we consider all the paying elements.

Add the tournament prizes, awards, sponsorships, benefits, and everything. If you are part of a popular league or a popular bowling team, you are going to have a decent living with bowling as your full-time professional, so you should go for it if you want to.

Ways Bowlers Make Money

Bowlers can sometimes go dry for quite a while in terms of money if they do not know how to get it through their skill. Lucky for you, I have made a list of all the possible ways you can make money for yourself as a professional bowler. Let us take a look.

Local Tournaments

If you have just started bowling and you are thinking of getting recognition and some quick money, the best bet that you have is simply taking part in local tournaments and getting a good position in them. It will help you kick off your career and succeed in the future.


Once you have got recognized and you have become a part of the big leagues, companies will be willing to sponsor your outfits and the bowling equipment you use in tournaments. You can get paid quite a lot from sponsorships.

If you have made your impact on the international scene and you have got what it takes to be on the TV, companies will approach you for paid advertisements and endorsements of their products so your followers can buy them. Naturally, bowlers get paid a lot for these advertisements.

Event Management

You can also manage bowling events and tournaments on a beginner level if you know event hosting. Proper event management can get you a good amount of money if you are a struggling beginner in bowling.

Average Annual Salary of Pro Bowlers

As a bowler, most of your earnings will depend upon the sponsors unless you’re a full-time contracted bowler for a particular bowling organization or a team.

Bowlers can make around 45-50 thousand dollars per year without any excessive contracts professionally. That is pretty decent, seeing that it doesn’t include big-time contracts and sponsorships, ambassadorships, and other revenues.

This is the average salary of pro bowlers in the United States of America. Other countries where bowling is treated as a professional sport might differ in terms of annual salaries, but they will be around this mark.

How Much Do Pro Bowlers make per tournament?

Well, this depends upon the scale of the tournament we are talking about. Some small-scaled tournaments do not pay for participation or even being runner-up.

But then, there are other bowling tournaments and leagues that are incredibly generous in paying pro bowlers. They even give a particular round payment that can go up to around $5-10 thousand.

Typically, bowling tournaments do not pay for participation, but when it comes to winning the whole thing or coming runner-up, there are many epic prizes to be won.

A state-level bowling tournament can pay up to $70,000 for the winners and half of that, $35,000, for the runner-up. But international level bowling tournaments can have even higher overall prizes for pro bowlers per tournament.

Highest Annual Salaries as Professional Bowler

When it comes to the highest annual salaries, the numbers differ from different sources and years, but they are around the same. For example, professional bowlers do not make as much money as baseball, soccer players, or footballers annually.

But the highest annual salaries of professional bowlers are around $300,000 or so. This means that if you have the skills and the practice of becoming the best in the business, you will be earning around this amount as a professional bowler yearly.

This is quite a decent paycheck if you ask me. But since bowling is not as worldwide as other sports, you can say that by professional sports standards, bowling isn’t as high-paying as others, but by professional means of money, it does pay quite a lot.

That is why professional bowlers have their bowling shops, brands, and companies alongside their professional bowling careers, and I suggest you do the same as well.

Who is the Highest-Paid Professional Bowler?

This question is prevalent. Who is the highest-paid professional bowler; People tend to ask a lot. Well, there have been many high-paid bowlers around the world.

But according to stats, Walter Ray Williams Jr. is a professional bowler who has earned over $5 million in revenue. He has been in the circuited for many years and has made many remarkable records.

He currently holds the all-time PBA tour career titles record at around 47 approximately, and he is also a competitive horseshoe pitcher. So he’s been around the block for a long time, and that has helped him earn quite a lot of revenue. But if you were to become a bowler now, the number of endorsements and sponsorships available now would help you generate even greater earning.

How Much Do Bowlers Make From Sponsors?

Sponsorships are a big part of any professional sport. Athletes earn a lot from this source for advertising the products of sponsor companies and endorsing their products digitally or physically.

In bowling, the biggest source of revenue is sponsors. However, depending upon the company’s scale and sponsorship of an event or a particular bowler individually, the payments can differ.

Some sponsors pay less than others, while some sponsors contract you as their ambassador if you are very popular as a professional bowler. Local sponsors can pay between $1000 to more than that.

While bigger sponsors with bigger advertisement budgets like bowling companies and AAA organizations like Coca-Cola and others can pay up to tens of thousands of dollars for their sponsorships, it all comes down to how vital and well-known a tournament or a particular bowler himself is.

How Much Do Professional Women Bowlers Make?

Like other sports, in bowling, there are lesser pro bowlers in the female division as well. This directly affects the viewership of women’s bowling and reduces the sponsorships, endorsements, and overall revenue generated.

That is why women are paid less when it comes to pro bowling than pro men’s bowlers. It is often disputed, but in reality, it is a pretty easily understood concept; there’s no uneven pay gap.

Professional women’s bowlers make a decent sum of money on average in professional bowling. Average annual bowling salaries are recorded to be around 35 to 40 thousand per bowler on a higher level.

The highest-paid female bowlers receive around $60,000 annually, disregarding endorsements and excessive sponsorships. This is low in comparison to the highest annual salaries of male bowlers but due to less viewership.

If more women supported the professional sport and viewed the sport, the viewership would increase, and in turn, the sport will become highly paid for women.


Bowling is a high-paying sport, especially if you have the potential to become the next big thing in the game. With the help of the right contractors and sponsors, you’ll be living the high-life in a short span of time. But it does not always work out this way. It is not easy to get sponsors at the beginning of your career. But if you are persistent and know various ways to make money as a bowler, you can earn a handsome salary.

So, it is better off if you enjoy bowling as a sport for your leisure and continue working towards the professional scene with a job on the side.

If you make it, you can rely on bowling entirely for your salaries, but if not, you will still have a safe job on your hand. So with this advice, I’m going to end this article by saying, I hope you have fantastic bowling experiences and success in your future!

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