How To Make A Bowling Ball Spinner

Whether you are a beginner bowler looking to move to the big leagues or a professional bowler trying to make your game even better, resurfacing your bowling ball enhances overall performance a lot. Well, that can be done using a bowling ball spinner.

You might be wondering, what is a bowling ball spinner and how do I make one of my own? Well, that is precisely what I am here to let you know.

In this article, I am going to talk about what a bowling ball spinner is, how bowling ball spinners work, and how you can make your own to save a few bucks and feel like a pro. So, make sure you read this article till the very end if you want to get your own bowling ball spinner.

How To Make A Bowling Ball Spinner?

What is a Bowling Ball Spinner?

A bowling ball spinner is a machine that allows you to clean, polish, or sand the surface of a bowling ball evenly which you would not be able to do manually if the ball were not spinning constantly.

Bowling ball spinners are quite expensive and difficult to manage but they are incredibly important if you want your bowling ball to be perfectly equipped for the lane you are about to bowl on.

Why are Bowling Ball Spinners Important?

You might be wondering why you should have your own bowling ball spinner. Well, if you are a professional to whom every single game counts, getting your ball resurfaced according to the lane conditions can be particularly important for the best bowling performance.

If the bowling lane is dry and does not have a lot of oiling, then a smoother bowling ball would be more effective in which case you can quickly polish the bowling ball so it will slide and roll better on the surface of the lane encountering less friction overall.

However, if there is a bowling lane with too much oil on it, you would want a bit of control on your bowling ball which will be achieved by sanding your bowling ball. Using the bowling ball spinner, you will be able to sand your bowling ball and it will become apt for the best performance on a wetter bowling lane.

How to Make a Bowling Ball Spinner

If you are thinking of getting a bowling ball spinner, but you have got no extra funds, I have got just the thing for you. You should make your own DIY bowling ball spinner which would not only save you a lot of dough but also give you that sense of accomplishment and bowling knowledge that professionals need to have.

Here is my step-by-step for making an effective homemade bowling ball spinner for your own bowling balls from scratch.

Collecting the Materials

First, you are going to need to gather all the materials required for your DIY bowling ball spinner. Here is the list of things you are going to need if you are thinking of constructing an effectively working bowling ball spinner.

  • Drill Press
  • Wooden Board or Steel Bar
  • Bolts
  • Metal Bowl
  • Rubber Washer
  • Sandpaper
  • Padding Material

These are all things you might already have in your house or you can get for cheap because our basic motive is to save some good amount of money by making our own bowling ball spinner.

Drill Press

The first step of this guide requires you to use the steel bar or wooden board that you made and join it with the drill press that you have. If the bar is made of steel, use a steel cutter to cut out the necessary proportions to fix the drill press into it. Make sure you work in a safe environment and always wear protective gear because this DIY project will require cutting and welding.

Connecting a long bolt

Once the drill is in place with the bar or the board, it will be able to sit on a shelf without tumbling or falling on one side. The spinning part is what you need to work on now.

Take a long-sized bolt and weld it upside down onto the top of the drill. This is an especially important step if you want to make the spinning motion controllable and easy to manage.

Bowling Ball Sized Metal Bowl

Next, you are going to take a metallic bowl and use your bowling ball to take measurements to find the perfect one that can fit your custom bowling balls in it accurately.

Drill a hole into its pre-bolt-welding process right in the middle. Now take your sandpaper and glue it to the bottom of the metal bowl for better grip on the surface of the drill press.

Placing the Bowl

What you are going to do now is you are going to take a rubber washer and place it over the spinning bolt to avoid any friction between the surface and the metal bowl.

Place the bowl over the rubber washer and place the padding around the edges of the metal bowl to make sure your bowling ball fits perfectly in the bowl and spins amazingly.

Spinning your Bowling Ball!

Now, all you are going to do is spin your bowling ball with your DIY bowling ball spinner and use it to clean, polish, sand, and perform all kinds of resurfacing jobs on it according to requirement. It is going to be a great experience, will not take too long to finish, and provide incredible results once the construction of the spinner is done.


Making your own bowling ball spinner can be a great decision. Not only will you be able to save a lot of money, but you will also have the chance to customize it and make it perfect for resurfacing your custom bowling balls. I hope that you learned a lot from this guide, and you make your own bowling ball spinner with this method. I hope you have a great time in the bowling alley when you are there again!

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