How much does it cost to go bowling?

Bowling is a fun indoor sport that isn’t expensive to play. However, certain factors can impact the cost of bowling.

On average, it costs between $2 and $6 to go bowling for a single game. Other expenses such as shoe rentals and snacks and drinks can drive up that cost.

Read on to learn more about how much it costs to go bowling. Discover some tips that can help you save money and find out if it is a good idea to get a bowling membership. Happy reading!

How much does it cost to go bowling?

What is the average cost of a bowling game?

On average, a bowling game can cost you anywhere between $2 and $6 per game. This doesn’t include the amount you have to pay for shoe rentals and other purchases such as socks, food, etc.

Shoe rentals cost about $3 to $4, and a pair of socks can be bought for $1 to $2 on average.

The cost of a bowling game can vary as it depends on several factors. Here are a few.

  • Location/venue. Bowling alleys that are located in big metropolitan areas or city centers tend to be more expensive. Also, a venue that provides better facilities will charge more.
  • Day of the week. Bowling alleys can get pretty busy on weekends, which is why a bowling game can cost you more on those days.
  • Time of the year. During colder months, indoor games are really popular, so bowling rates increase. In the summer months, the rates go down.
  • Special events. Bowling rates are also high on special events like cosmic bowling nights.

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Tips for saving money when you go bowling

Although it doesn’t cost much to go bowling, the costs can add up fast if you frequently visit your favorite bowling alley. 

Taking along family and friends and regularly paying for shoe rentals can also significantly increase your costs. Thus, being able to save money whenever you go bowling helps a lot in keeping your expenses low. Here are a few tips for doing that.

  • Get a membership. This is a good idea if you frequent a particular bowling alley and can help you save money.
  • Get your own equipment (especially bowling shoes). This helps you save on rentals and other fees.
  • Join a league. Being part of a league allows you to spend lots of time in the alley, with reasonable rates and dues. Moreover, playing in a team can be a fun experience.
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Should you get a bowling membership?

Getting a bowling membership in your favorite bowling alley is a great option to consider if you go bowling frequently.

Many bowling clubs offer various kinds of memberships for those who frequently visit. The membership plan can be different for each bowling alley. Still, every membership does offer you better value for your money.

Members can enjoy benefits such as discounted game fees and the chance to earn free games, among other perks. Some bowling clubs even offer training to members as well as discounted rates for snacks and drinks!

Should you buy your own bowling ball?

If you go bowling frequently, you might’ve wondered if it’s a good idea to get a ball of your own. There are pros and cons to getting one.


  1. You can customize it according to you. The finger holes can be drilled based on your grip, potentially improving your game.
  2. Your ball is your own, and you won’t need to use the ones in the alley. Also, no other player will use your ball.

If you consider buying your own bowling ball, check out these Best Selling Bowling Balls.


  1. Getting a custom ball made can be expensive. On average, a custom-made bowling ball can cost up to $200! In addition to that, you must factor in a lot of things, such as the ball material. Check out our article on this here: Bowling Ball Prices – This is How Much They Cost
  2. Custom balls may be simply inconvenient for those who go bowling occasionally.

How should you choose a bowling ball?

Choosing the perfect ball from the racks at the bowling alley can be difficult, especially if there are many balls to choose from. Thus, you have a small chance of finding the perfect ball for your grip. However, you can select the best one from them.

Firstly, the holes, especially the thumb hole, should be big enough for your fingers to move in and out easily. The holes shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Moreover, the placement of the holes shouldn’t stretch your hand too much.

Secondly, the weight of the ball should be roughly ten percent of your body weight. This puts the weight of the ball between 13 and 15 pounds on average.

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Is it better to buy bowling shoes or to rent them?

If you don’t own bowling shoes, you can rent them for a small fee at bowling alleys. The average price of renting a pair can be between $3 and $4. Even if you don’t go bowling that often, buying bowling shoes is something you should consider. 

Rental shoes are generally old and worn out and don’t get replaced that often. So, investing in a good, comfortable pair of bowling shoes is a good idea, even for those who only go bowling a couple of times a month.

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What are some of the best bowling shoes you can buy?

Here is a list of some of the best bowling shoes you can buy. Most of these shoes are available on Amazon and have received numerous positive reviews from buyers.


The cost of going bowling can be more than the base price for a single game if you rent bowling shoes and buy socks, snacks, and drinks. These costs can increase if you visit during the winter months, on weekends, or at the time of some special event. 

Buying a membership can potentially help you save money as you get perks such as discounted rates.

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