Bowling Pins: Weights and Dimensions

Bowling is a game of incredible skill, precision, and understanding of the craft. Some people may think it is a game of luck. However, in reality, it requires a lot of concentration and practice. As a beginner, you must learn about all the basics to become a professional at the game.

One of the most important basics is learning about the components’ size and dimensions, especially the bowling pins. This will ultimately help you take the right shots and make use of deflections, deadwood, and other elements according to the size and weight dimensions of the pins being used.

At this point, you may be wondering, How Much Does a Bowling Pin Weight? Well, that is exactly what I am here to tell you.

In this article, I will talk about the different kinds of bowling pins used in other regions worldwide, their dimensions, weights, size, and everything in between. If you want to become a pro at bowling, make sure you read this article until the end.

Bowling Pins - Weights and Dimensions

Weights and Dimensions

There are many different types of bowling games played across the world. However, only three types of bowling are prevalent and commonly played. Let us look at the respective bowling pins used in these games.


These are larger in size, heavier, and are used in the most common form of bowling known as ten-pin bowling, where a giant bowling ball is used.


In terms of weight, ten-pin bowling pins are heavy. Each of the 10 pins weighs about 3.2-3.5 pounds, which equates to around 1.5kg. This is the average size of bowling pins you are going to find in any professional tournament or entertainment bowling alleys across the US and most of the world.


The typical ten-pin bowling pins placed at the end of a bowling lane on the pin deck come with a US standard dimension of 15 inches length. The base diameter of these pins is 2 inches, whereas the overall diameter is 4.7 inches. These are just slightly shorter than candlepins; however, still larger in comparison to duckpins.


Candlepins are similar-sized compared to ten-pin bowling pins and are used in candlepin bowling famous in the USA’s New England region.


However, in terms of weight, candlepins are lighter compared to ten-pin bowling pins, weighing only about 2.4 pounds or around 1.1 kilograms. The bowling ball used to knock these pins also weighs less and is smaller than balls used in other bowling forms. In addition, the utilization of deadwood also makes candlepin bowling unique and different from other kinds of bowling.


Candlepins are sleeker and uniform in shape in comparison to ten-pin bowling pins. In terms of base diameter, the size is 2.1 inches, whereas the overall diameter is 2.9 inches. The length of these pins is slightly bigger than ten-pin bowling pins and comes at 15.75 inches.


Relatively more diminutive in size, duckpins are used in the bowling form known as duckpin bowling, where the bowling ball is also small and fits completely in a single hand.


Each duckpin’s weight in a stack is around 1.5 pounds or in kilograms less than even one being around 0.68kgs. This is why duckpin bowling balls are also more petite and can fit in one hand quite easily.


Duckpins are like the smaller versions of standard ten-pin bowling pins. They are shorter in terms of length, coming in at only 9.4 inches each, whereas if you look at the width, the base diameter is 1.3 inches. In contrast, the overall diameter is 4.1 inches, which is also comparatively less comprehensive than ten-pin bowling pins.


Understanding how much a bowling pin weighs and what its dimensions are is quite important. A professional utilizes this information to their advantage and scores impressive points using their skills and techniques.

I hope you could learn quite a lot about the dimensions of a bowling pin, and you can use this information when you are in the bowling alley next time with your friends and family.

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